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Real Estate in Lebanon


A recent survey from Savills World Research, Candy & Candy and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management named Beirut a top real estate choice for adventurous investors. In addition to being a coastal Mediterranean city, which comes with its own perks, Beirut has a thriving culture and nightlife. This combines to create a large population of successful young people. Add in its reputation as a financial hub, and you have a city primed to be a success.

However, when you look at the number, real estate in Lebanon seems a bit surprising. If you compare real estate prices with GDP per capital, you see an extremely high ratio. Why is this? Some may call the situation in Lebanon unusual, perhaps due to surrounding unrest. Others point to bank loans. However, Lebanon has held its market growth strong for years now and is still pointed to as a promising investment. This may be due to the high number of incentives for investing, which apply to both Lebanese and foreigners alike.

Because of the unique situation in Lebanon’s housing market, it can be overwhelming to try to understand all the pros and cons of acquiring real estate. If you’re thinking about investing in Lebanese real estate, find a legal team close to the land you’re looking for. The Lebanese lawyers at Mattar Law are intimately familiar with the real estate market in Lebanon, as well as knowledgeable about the laws that may reward you even further for seeking to invest. Contact the lawyers in Lebanon at Mattar Law Firm today for a consultation.

Adoption to, from, and within Lebanon

Lebanese Adoption – Mattar Law Firm


Like everywhere in the world, adoption can be an important part of creating a family in Lebanon. Because of Lebanon’s dedication to the 18 religious confessions, there is no civil procedure for adoption. Each religion has its own court structure which follow separate laws, and those laws oversee adoption. The relevant religious court must approve each adoption.

For cross-border adoptions, Shari’a law, for example, does not have adoptions that match what those in United States consider adoptions. The Islamic court will grant guardianship to allow foreign parents to take the baby from the country, where it is understood that the adoption will be finalized. Christian institutions, on the other hand, have a legal adoption process. To make the different laws more confusing, Lebanese orphanages do exist. A religious group runs them and the children inside can be adopted according to that groups law.

If you intend to adopt within Lebanon, the religious courts still govern the process, even if the adopter is secular. In addition, Lebanon allows ties to remain between the adopted person and his or her original family. This leads to some complicated ties, especially in terms of inheritance.

Due to the variety of religious laws that govern Lebanese adoption, if you intend to adopt a child from this country, contact a Lebanese lawyer familiar with adoption law. Contact the experienced lawyers in Lebanon at Mattar Law today for a consultation.

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