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Lebanon Non Double Taxation Treaties

Tax Law Firm Lebanon

Non Double Taxation Treaties Signed by Lebanon

Double taxation occurs when the same transaction or income source is subject to two or more taxing authorities. This can occur within a single country, when independent governmental units have the power to tax a single transaction or source of income, or may result when different sovereign states impose separate taxes, in which case it is called international double taxation. The source of the double taxation problem is that the taxing jurisdictions do not follow a common principle of taxation. One taxing jurisdiction might tax income at its source, while others will tax income based on the residence or nationality of the recipient. Indeed, a jurisdiction might use all three of these basic approaches in imposing taxes.

Under Certain conditions and as agreed in the treaties signed between the two countries, incorporating a company in Lebanon will allow to that company to benefit from the content of the non double taxation agreement signed by Lebanon and the other country.

Mattar Law Firm will help you in incorporating whether a local onshore company such as a Lebanese limited liability company / joint stock company amongst other or an offshore / holding company.

Moreover we will help you obtain all documentation related to the company’s incorporation including the residency certificate of the company in Lebanon to enjoy the benefits of the non double taxation agreement / treaty with the related country.

Some Non Double Taxation Treaties Signed With Lebanon.

Title Signed Ratified Enforced View
Algeria 26-Mar-02 29-Aug-02 19-Jul-06 View Treatie (Arabic)
Armenia 16-Sep-98 23-Feb-99 13-Dec-00 View Treatie (English)
Bahrain 7-Aug-03 11-Feb-04 13-Dec-05 View Treatie (Arabic)
Belarus 19-Jun-01 14-Dec-01 29-Dec-02 View Treatie (English)
Bulgaria 1-Jun-99 25-Oct-99 5-Jan-00 View Treatie (English)
Cuba 4-Feb-01 2-Aug-01 View Treatie (English)
Cyprus 18-Feb-03 20-Oct-03 14-Apr-05 View Treatie (English)
Czech Republic 28-Aug-97 14-Jun-99 24-Jan-00 View Treatie (English)
Egypt 17-Mar-96 24-Jul-96 22-Mar-98 View Treatie (Arabic)
France 24-Jul-62 23-Aug-63 1963 View Treatie (French)
Gabon 20-Feb-01 16-Jul-03 View Treatie (French)
Iran 22-Oct-98 23-Feb-99 19-Jan-01 View Treatie (English)
Italy 22-Nov-00 3-Apr-01 View Treatie (English)
Jordan 31-Oct-02 20-Oct-03 12-Dec-03 View Treatie (Arabic)
Kuwait 21-Jan-01 3-Apr-01 20-Mar-02 View Treatie (Arabic)
Malaysia 20-Jan-03 16-Jul-03 10-Nov-04 View Treatie (English)
Malta 23-Feb-99 25-Oct-99 10-Feb-00 View Treatie (English)
Morocco 20-Oct-01 5-Jun-02 9-Aug-03 View Treatie (Arabic)
Pakistan 31-Aug-05 15-May-06 26-Jun-06 View Treatie (English)
Poland 26-Jul-99 24-May-00 7-Nov-03 View Treatie (English)
Qatar 23-Nov-05 11-Nov-06 View Treatie (Arabic)
Romania 28-Jun-95 24-Jul-96 6-Apr-97 View Treatie (English)
Russia 7-Apr-97 23-Feb-99 16-Jun-00 View Treatie (English)
Senegal 19-Oct-02 20-Oct-03 22-Sep-04 View Treatie (French)
Sudan 9-Mar-04 20-Nov-04 View Treatie (Arabic)
Sultanate of Oman 12-Apr-01 16-Aug-01 28-Oct-01 View Treatie (Arabic)
Syria 12-Jan-97 24-Jul-97 10-Mar-98 View Treatie (Arabic)
Tunisia 24-Jun-98 23-Feb-99 3-Jun-00 View Treatie (Arabic)
Turkey 12-May-04 15-May-06 21-Aug-06 View Treatie (English)
U.A.E 17-May-98 23-Feb-99 21-May-99 View Treatie (Arabic)
Ukraine 22-Apr-02 16-Jul-03 6-Sep-03 View Treatie (English)
Yemen 29-Sep-02 16-Jul-03 20-Feb-06 View Treatie (Arabic)
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